Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Shifting your Vibration

On shifting your vibration...

Why do you want or need to shift your vibration?

Well, without getting too weird, "vibration" is what we all do. That is how we manage to "exist", mostly because we don't really -- I'll explain that in a later blog, though. The more in tune you are with the Source energy, the more strongly or "louder" you can vibrate. Surprisingly, very much like the Force in the Star Wars Saga.

Vibrations dictate what is. Our intent alters those vibrations to how we want things to be, but Vibrations take time to shift. One does not vibrate "I am fat" every day of their lives suddenly to "I am thin and vivacious" and physically become so immediately. It takes time for the lifetime of fat to dissolve itself from your body. And according to Deepak Chopra, every single cell in your body recreates itself once every two years. So, with that as a rule of thumb for something known and something physical, I contend that it could take up to two years for a particular intention to materialize.

Ultimately, One needs only to set an intention into motion and it will come to be. Adding more vibration to the idea will alter and change how the idea can or will come into being. The more focused your intention is on the outcome, the more focused the ability of the intention to manifest.

Esther Hicks' Abraham in describing this truth, likened it to setting your vibration to; "I want to be in San Diego": And so you begin travelling to San Diego. You have set your mind on going to San Diego and are on your way. But suddenly, about halfway along the road, you've stopped to realize that you aren't in San Diego yet. Unfortunately, now you've set the vibration to become: I am not in San Diego. And until you reset your vibration to I want to be in San Diego, you cannot BE in San Diego. Some people become so focused on the idea that they are still not in San Diego, that they end up going back to where they started from.

Being in vibrational alignment, one needs to keep the faith. When you speak about what you want, focus on what you have towards that goal, rather than on what you are missing. If you feel good, it is good. If you do not feel good; something has gone wrong and you are not in vibrational alignment.

Example. Hey, my clothes fit better than ever! I really am a skinny-ass bitch, is a positive affirmation that you are on your way to becoming the skinny-ass bitch you so desire becoming -- ie vibrational alignment. "Damn, my favourite jeans still don't fit.", is a one-way ticket to them never fitting - vibrational misalignment. Ooh, I look good -- vibrational alignment. "I still look a little jowly" -- vibrational misalignment. Are we getting the picture?

The trick is to notice when you are saying things that are vibrationally misaligned with where you want to go. A little game I heard about on a mid-afternoon talk show; Put a rubber-band, bracelet or watch on your wrist. Everytime you notice that you've said something negative. Switch the "bracelet" to your other wrist. Consciously recognize that the thought is not in keeping with what you desire and spend the next 17 second creating a We Good statement about your body shape and size; this will get you back into alignment; and as hard as that sounds, it only takes 17 seconds of focus in order to activate a new vibration.

The idea is to recognize thoughts that make you feel good and thoughts that make you feel bad. It is the thoughts that make you feel bad that keep you from your goals.

Your intention is to truly get to the point where you can say "We GOOD" and understand what I mean. Although, hopefully by that point, my "WE GOOD" will be some other sound or expression that is altoghether your own. Rather like the concept of the now mistakenly commonly-used meditation tone; OM, you use WE GOOD until your own feeling sound becomes more apparent to you. Then use THAT. That is YOUR vibrational tone. Use mine until you find yours.

How will you know when you've found it? You'll know, because you'll feel-hear it.

Oh wait a minute; I'm getting ahead of myself here. Can you even feel-hear the vibration? No?

Here's how you can feel it:

You're going to spend 17 seconds finding a vibration. First I'll show you a good vibration.

I want you to remember one of the happiest moments of your life. One where you felt loved, all-important, totally taken care of, well-fed, etc. Remember if you've ever felt "bliss".

That is a good vibration. And in order to counter any negative vibration (this is easier with practice), all you have to do is focus for 17 seconds on a positive vibration and you can shift vibration.

Now, because it is actually "contrast" that you are looking for, you need to know and understand what a bad vibration is, all you have to do is think of something that gives you any emotion other than bliss. Bliss is where you want to go. Easy.

All good and well while you're sitting here unannoyed reading what I have to write for you, but what do you do when someone really ticks you off?

Well, here is the law in action: Set an affirmation that says: "I will reach for the best feeling thought I have access to right now. And I'll be proud of myself when I find even the slightest relief." Then do it and keep doing it until you find your way back to bliss.

When you try to feel better, you will. And here is where the greatest words ever spoken by a character in a science fiction movie come into play; There is no "try". There is do, or don't do. So, FEEL better. When you feel better, you release resistance. When you release resistance, you are in vibration, to stay in vibration, be appreciative of everything that you have, and everything you want will come to be. THAT IS THE LAW.

You don't have to actually DO anything at all. You simply have to vibrate. I vibrate WE GOOD and it's bloody well working! When you are fully completely utterly and totally vibrating and in the moment, and one with everyone and everything that you perceive, then you are in WE GOOD.

Our true self is a state of pure bliss. Love, Peace, Fulfilled. In being in that state, we live in that state and the Universe disappears. In desiring to become one with that state, we set our life focus to maintaining our level of bliss the more we feel bliss, the stronger our vibration. The better everything becomes.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

21st Century Tarot

For some of you, it may come as a shocker to learn that I read tarot cards professionally. For others of you, it's a given. It's just something I do, something I've always done and it's not a big deal.

I started posting on twitter a little while ago, using the tweetname Pepperfire. When I created my profile I posted that I read tarot cards professionally. Someone asked if I was any good, so I tweeted a couple of cards I pulled for them. It's snowballed since then.

That's when I got the idea to use Twitter as the medium for practicing my craft. I created the concept called Tarot Twreading. Essentially, a Tarot Twreading is a tweet that in and of itself is a tarot reading. I began with three cards, read them, then reduce the reading to a tweet.

A tweet? Well, for those of you living in the dark ages, a tweet is a 140 character statement made through the website. For ordinary tweeters, it's a way to have conversations with each other, to share relevant and sometimes irrelevant information and sometimes it's just a way for people to advertise (read spam) their particular business, whatever that may be.

The beauty of twitter, for me, is that I am required to reduce my thoughts into the tightest most concise space possible. That's not easy for someone as verbose as I, but being pedantic has always been one of my things, so it's a glorious place for me to spend time. Reduce, rewrite, retweet.

Add me on twitter and request a Tarot Twreading. I'll add you to my queue. Don't worry, I'll tweet you just before your twreading comes up in the tweetstream so you will know it when you finally receive it.