Sunday, March 28, 2010

Profile of a Tarot Reader

Tina Brooks comes from a long line of gypsy Tarot Card readers. Her Grandmother was Madame Laurette. A well-known professional reader and psychic who passed away in 2008.

Tina began reading cards at the age of 14, under the Tutelage of Madame Laurette and began with the very difficult task of memorizing the meanings and imagery of 52 regular playing cards. It was not until many years later when Tina saw her first Tarot deck, a Crowley Thoth, that card reading began to have real meaning. The painted pictures in the Thoth deck gave way to images, thought patterns and ideas that the regular playing cards could never invoke.

In 2004, Tina's much read and much beloved Thoth deck was lost in a house fire. For a year, Tina didn't even think to pick up her cards. But one day, she found herself searching for her cards, to no avail and realized she would have to purchase a new deck of cards.

That was when Tina discovered the Revelations' deck, the cards she currently reads with.

They say all things happen for a reason, this discovery was no accident. Tina could suddenly see and hear the thoughts, images and ideas displayed in the tarot quite clearly and with great emotion. Shortly thereafter, Tina discovered that these cards were a window to the essence of the universe and she began to discourse, through the cards with the spirit known as Melody.

Melody has explained to Tina that although she can be described as many things, a spirit guide, an angel, perhaps even a demon by some, she is none of these things. Melody is, purely and simply, Tina's direct connection to Source. Source can be described as the energy that is life.

With the help of the Revelations Tarot deck, Melody whispers messages to Tina that she can translate into English or French, giving new insights and meaning to the people who sit for her readings.

Whether it be about love, work, money or health, Tina's readings hit uncannily close to home.

Tina can be found reading on Twitter, where under the Twittername "Pepperfire", Tina and Melody may offer 140 character Tarot Twreadings.

We invite you to open your heart and your mind to the messages that Tina and Melody have to offer and hope that you walk away with insight and love in your heart. Failing that, we hope you find the readings entertaining, for life is meant to be fun.