Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melody Reading Price list

About Tarot

Life is a cycle. Within each person's life are a series of cycles, each one with a beginning, a middle and an end. Many cycles overlap during a person's lifetime, others begin when others end. It can be said that the Tarot represents these cycles. Tarot allows us to truly examine these cycles, making life and love easier.

Advantages of hiring a Tarot practitioner:
* Personal exploration and growth.
* Awaken yourself to the choices available to you.
* Find a focus for your problem solving.
* Help you clarify goals.
* Help you understand the past, present and future.
* Help you make decisions about the future
* Fortune telling, in its most basic form

What Tarot can do for you and your business:
* Provide dialogue and personal insight.
* Annual business planning.
* Mission and Vision Statements with real meaning.

Tarot History

Many believe that Tarot began in Italy in the early 14th century although the basis for modern-day tarot was created in the 19th century by a Catholic Priest named Eliphas Levi. A learned scholar, Levi was schooled not only in Catholicism, but Judaism, Hinduism, Cabalism and Masonic religions. He also studied astronomy, astrology and metaphysics. When he created his first deck, he incorporated his knowledge (and understanding) of these religions, the elements of nature (fire, water, earth and air) as well as astrological symbols. Some cards even refer to Biblical scripture. By the late 19th century, the cards were being used to predict the future.

There is nothing more mystical and magic to Tarot than there is magic and mystery to the Universe. Tarot unlocks these mysteries, when you know how to read the cards.

About Melody

Melody is the name that I have chosen to give to my Source Spirit. I believe that within each of us resides an energy, a guidance system, if you will, that uses emotion to show us the best way to meander through this existence we call human life. That existence is at its very core, if you think about it, designed for one sole purpose... the experience. It is the very journey between birth and death that is of import and in order to navigate that path we have built in energy systems. It's rather tricky to explain given the fact that no two people can ever possible 100% agree on all of the icons that must be used to describe what I'm talking about, but know that deep inside you, you can FEEL that energy. It is what makes you feel good when you win something. It is what drives you when you're on the path of something you truly desire and it is the wondrous emotion of love and power that you feel when you exchange spiritual connections with someone or something else.

That energy, which I call my Source Spirit, speaks to me, and the "voice" I hear, I have named Melody.

Interestingly, it is through the tarot cards that Melody speaks and as such, my readings are, as my husband likes to call them, eerily accurate.

I do not pull punches, I do not play games. I am not one of those readers who is all hung up on the "ethics" of tarot that they cannot tell you what they actually SEE in the cards. I believe that IF I can see it, it is because it is meant to be told. I won't sugar coat what I see, although, I always strive to deliver what I see with love.

Some people call it channeling, I simply call it being completely in touch with the higher self within me that is able to connect to the higher self within you. Melody is not a separate entity that exists outside of me, consider she is more like an imaginary friend, or more appropriately, my burning bush ala Moses of the Bible fame.


Personal Consultations: $100.

Corporate consultations:
$250 plus $75 per additional employee Includes a Mission Statement reading (3-6 cards), an Annual Business plan reading (24 cards) and two key employee readings: Double Horseshoe reading (14 cards each).

Gift consultations:

Birthday Readings:
Double Horseshoe (14 cards) or Celtic cross reading (10 cards) $100
Wedding Gift: $150 includes one Relationship reading (8 cards) and one Double Horseshoe reading (14 cards) for each of the bride and groom.

Tarot Parties $450. Includes a Double Horseshoe reading (14 cards) for the host/hostess and one Simple Horseshoe or Life Strategy reading (7 cards) for each of a maximum of 8 guests. (Time frame: 5 hours).

Readings are done in person, on the phone, skype, internet messenger or by email; by appointment only.

Referrals are welcome.

If you are interested in learning how to read tarot cards or how to improve your relationship with yourself and your own Source Spirit, request an invitation to join the Facebook group: