Monday, November 12, 2012

Writing Again

I haven't felt like a writer in a while. writer's block, life gets in the way? Who knows. Anyway, it seems the bug is back. I've known it was coming back for a while now, but here it is. Suddenly I have refound my muse? Maybe it's just that I have something to say?

Perhaps my Virtual Assistant Suzie Kummins-Poirier owner of Ace Concierge asked me to participate in a blog roll. She wanted articles that her customers could use to improve their business.

Here's a brief exerpt of what I wrote...

How to Increase your Bottom Line and in so doing Rescue the Economy by Changing your Eating Habits.

A loud refrain during the latest Presidential election was all about creating jobs in order to help the economy. Both sides trumpeted how it was going to happen. But nobody really presented a solution that seemed workable at the John Q Public level.

As an outsider looking in, it seems pretty obvious to me that the easiest way to fix the economy is to improve the productivity of those employers who are already feeding the economy, lower their bottom lines and they'll quite naturally invest further in their company feeding the coming economic boom.

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So Teresa Deak sends me butterflies. Once, ONCE she sends butterflies!

Suddenly I'm seeing them everywhere: