Sunday, May 31, 2009

21st Century Tarot

For some of you, it may come as a shocker to learn that I read tarot cards professionally. For others of you, it's a given. It's just something I do, something I've always done and it's not a big deal.

I started posting on twitter a little while ago, using the tweetname Pepperfire. When I created my profile I posted that I read tarot cards professionally. Someone asked if I was any good, so I tweeted a couple of cards I pulled for them. It's snowballed since then.

That's when I got the idea to use Twitter as the medium for practicing my craft. I created the concept called Tarot Twreading. Essentially, a Tarot Twreading is a tweet that in and of itself is a tarot reading. I began with three cards, read them, then reduce the reading to a tweet.

A tweet? Well, for those of you living in the dark ages, a tweet is a 140 character statement made through the website. For ordinary tweeters, it's a way to have conversations with each other, to share relevant and sometimes irrelevant information and sometimes it's just a way for people to advertise (read spam) their particular business, whatever that may be.

The beauty of twitter, for me, is that I am required to reduce my thoughts into the tightest most concise space possible. That's not easy for someone as verbose as I, but being pedantic has always been one of my things, so it's a glorious place for me to spend time. Reduce, rewrite, retweet.

Add me on twitter and request a Tarot Twreading. I'll add you to my queue. Don't worry, I'll tweet you just before your twreading comes up in the tweetstream so you will know it when you finally receive it.