Friday, September 29, 2006

Some people just don't understand "courtesy".

Have you ever been so unhappy in a job that you felt you had to quit? Have you ever hated it so much that you simply went home from work one day and never went back? Did your boss have any inkling whatsoever that you were unhappy???

My assistant quit on Tuesday morning; no warning and no notice. She's left me in the position of having to figure out what she's done and what she hasn't. Worse, she's left right before the three busiest months of the year, when I haven't the time to train someone new.

She never complained nor gave me any idea that she was unhappy. In fact, she'd gone all over town (I live in a small town) telling people how much she loved the job.

She quit in an email. She said the job was too physical for her.

If I'd been in the frame of mind to fire her, I would have had to give her a week's notice, BY LAW. The Labour Board says I can sue her in civil court for the "reasonable amount of notice" that she is required to give me.

I wonder if she'll be so foolish as to give my name as a reference?

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