Thursday, October 19, 2006

There and Back Canada...

I drove out to Cornwall this morning to set up our Christmas show taking place this weekend and on the way back we saw the oddest looking thing. A man was trudging along the highway dragging a cart behind him. He looked for all intents and purposes like he'd been walking for a while, and indeed he had.

We didn't initially stop as I was in a hurry to get home and we still had to pick up Mike's dog. Needless to say, after picking up Pepper, we turned out onto the highway and I spotted the odd looking man and his cart, and I told Mike were going to take a bit of a detour.

I figure if God puts such things in your path once, it's for a glimpse, if it's twice it's for a more important reason and should be investigated... So, investigate we did.

It turns out that the man's name is Trevor. That's how he introduced himself. He didn't give me his last name. He did post his name, almost as an after-thought on his website. Trevor Redmond is taking steps for cancer prevention and boy is he stepping.

This is Trevor:

He started on his journey in British Columbia, back in March, 2006 and has been walking now for seven months. He expects to end the "there" part of his journey in Halifax when he will stop and plan the "back" part.

I asked him how he was doing the trip and he said that he was using a combination of camping, in a tent, staying in motels and taking advantage of some of that good old Canadian hospitality that we are all so proud of up here. He choked me up. Mike gave him our business card and suggested he look us up on his way by. I'll gladly cook him a meal or give him a bed depending on the time of day he goes by.

On October 9, Trevor passed through Kingston. He wrote on his website:

"In challenging myself, I have now taken 6,586,353 steps as of Kingston.

In challenging Canadians, I have received over 11,000 dollars towards my efforts.

This works out to about $2.20 per kilometer over the 5000 Km stretch I have already walked.

I am looking for a dollar a step. Help us to take those steps.

Catch me!

I would also ask that you get your friends involved in this effort. The more we step, the further we will come.

The more we move...the more we move others.

To all... I'm still pulling for you."

I read Trevor's website after returning home and it choked me up. I had asked Trevor if he was taking donations and all I had in the car was $1. So I gave it to him. I felt really good coming home to discover that I had taken one of Trevor's steps. I challenge you to take one as well, he's got a lot of them available.


Anonymous said...

Hi, As of today, Trevor is at the edge of Moncton, NB. His goal is to reach Truro, NS by tomorrow. He's still pulling for each and every one of us. Keep your eyes out in the spring, he'll be on the *back* part of his journey.

Pepperfire said...

I assume that by now Trevor has reached Halifax!

I hope to see him again in the spring.

Thanks for the update!

Dianne said...

Hi, Trevor started his "there & back" part of the journey yesterday, March 26th on his 36th birthday.

Trevor is currently in Nova Scotia and will be travelling East into PEI & Newfoundland. He will then continue on to his "back" part of the journey.

Trevor is very healthy and plans on walking marathon walks daily of approximately 50km daily.

We should be seeing Trevor within the next two months at the latest.

If you need an update, please feel free to visit his website at
His website was updated as recently as yesterday.

Keep your heads high and your eyes open this spring. Hopefully, you'll be able to catch up to this most remarkable man.