Sunday, October 28, 2012

Security Bubbles and Butterflies

The other day a friend and tarot client contacted me in a tizzy. His sister is in Israel and was freaking out because, as seems to be a daily occurrence in that area of the world, rockets were landing all around her! Knowing that I am able to throw remote bubbles of protection around people, he wanted me to protect her.

How could I say "no"?

I settled into my spirit and I proceeded to throw the bubble around the girl and her neighbour who was with her in the basement. Everything was going fine until I realized that for the first time ever I had to struggle to erect the bubble, and once it was erected it felt fuzzy and not quite solid as it usually does. Worse, I could feel a hand reaching out of the bubble to the hand of the neighbour who WAS NOT inside the bubble!

So, rather than just sit back and hope for the best, I put out a call for support from my esoteric and spiritual friends. The call was answered in spades, as usual. I have such loving supportive friends.
Well, a tarot friend of mine, who is probably more familiar with the sort of situations that Southern Israelis must go through, living in essentially a war zone, she was rather more calm, cool and collected about the situation. Good thing, for I don't think I'd have known how to take the incidents that transpired as were talking.

I contacted Ruth Stefanovic, aka Modern Day Ruth via Facebook to ask her to look at the situation for me. I was very concerned for the safety of the neighbour for I couldn't for the life of me get her into the bubble.

Well, Ruth took a look at her cards and she saw what I was seeing; the arm sticking out of the bubble, and we could both feel the danger that seemed to exist at that moment for the neighbour. It seemed distant, so long as the hand inside the bubble held onto hers. Meanwhile, I put out a public call for help to my esoteric friends. And answer the call they did.

As we were looking at the situation, esoterically, of course, I suddenly felt/saw the neighbour slip into the bubble, as if she were pushed by an unseen hand. Then the bubble strengthened and solidified.
I could see the two girls sitting on a bench huddled together, obviously afraid, but the bubble solid around them told me they were suddenly both safe.

Then a moment later, my office was filled with butterflies. The flock was akin to the sort of thing you'd see during a wedding or a memorial when the critters are released, and they seemed to be flocking around me. I wasn't too surprised as I've spent my entire life seeing things that aren't "there" or at least aren't visible to other people. But I was pleased, I've never been surrounded by butterflies before.

I don't know who "pushed" the neighbour into the bubble, whether it be someone from the Tarotholics Anonymous group or someone else (I did post the request to both my wall and a lightworkers' group that I belong to). I don't know who sent the butterflies but it was beautiful.
I had a discussion with my husband about it last night. We decided that the butterflies weren't actually mine, nor were they actually here (unless someone tells me differently), but rather that they were a gift of visual perception. We decided that the tarotist Teresa Deak who sent butterflies to the girls was the source of the butterflies and that although they seemed as if they were in the room with me, it was more that I seemed to be in the room with the girls and thus could see the butterfiles.
The good news is that a few hours later, a cease fire was called, the all clear sounded and the girls went home to their own beds.

I wanted to know what Greg thought of the whole thing. He thinks that most people would simply lock me up for being crazy, because he's studied brain science and knows how the psychiatric industry behaves. Of course, when I asked why he doesn't think I'm crazy, he replied "because I believe in magic".


Ruth said...

Hhah, that's why peeps throughout history kept low profile about such experiences - so not to be locked up! ;) I am really proud of you that you are so open about your ESP experiences - i don't have such, - and it's been a while now that i wanted to read a trustworthy description!Your writing style reminds me of Dione Fortune's, keep up the good work! said...

Dear Tina, this is Roskis from TA.

I have a question.

Some weeks ago I improvised a protective bubble for a friend in Argentina, who was being attacked . I played totally by ear: first I ask Tarot which message needed to be delivered, and the Fool came up. As I was on holidays, I went to execute my "ritual" on the edge of the pool, (my great grandma did spells over a cauldron, so I thought a pool would do) . So there I was 10 p.m., sitting at the edge of the pool facing a red candle lighting the Fool card. As I started saying: "let this waters calm the person that is attacking my friend" PUM a winged insect fell in the pool, and I immediately knew this was the attacker spirit. My first impulse was to let it drown, but then saved it, repeating "let this aggressor's spirit be saved and appreciate other people's lives the way I'm saving this insect."

I let the altar overnight. The attack did stop.

But the next day, my poor friend had a massive fever. Do you think that I may have overdone the spell? or was it totally unrelated?

Pepperfire said...

No, Roskis, I don't think you overdid the spell.

Greg and I spoke about it. If you think about magic at a very basic level 2 things seem to need to happen.

Firstly, you need to believe in the magic. Without believe you cannot control the energies.

Secondly, you need to be operating from a center of perfect balance, for you are manipulating God-energies on the physical side of the veil.

What more than likely happened is that in rescuing your friend the energies were pulled from her and she is not an open tap, so it pulled energy from her physical self and thus the fever.

Of course, I'm speculating if you'd like the true answer... meet me on the other side of the veil. :D