Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Open Letter to Same-Sex Marriage Opponents...

The Government of Canada had only two ways to stop this legislation from passing yesterday.

1. Get out of the marriage game altogether, then it would be the sole responsibility of churches.

2. Invoke the notwithstanding clause.

The only reason that same-sex marriage is a "civil rights" issue in Canada is because the Government currently oversees and grants marriages to heterosexual couples. Because heterosexuals can have a marriage license, but not gays, it is automatically a civil rights issue. You can't allow one Canadian to have access to something but then refuse other Canadians the same access; that would be unconstitutional. Fancy that.

It's a real pity the right wing extremists are unable to comprehend that reality.

I have a suggestion for those Yankees who are so homophobic that you oppose this legislation: You stay out of our bedrooms and we'll stay out of your wars.

And for those Canadians who think they can change this now that it's cleared Government...

I suggest you learn to quit whining about the fact that this got pushed through Government and either invoke the Notwithstanding Clause or lobby the Government to get out of the marriage game altogether... Those were the only two ways to do this yesterday and they're the only two ways to do that today.

Sorry Charlie.

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