Monday, June 06, 2005

What You Really Need in Business but are Afraid to Ask...

Number one... Webmaster. Grrrrr

Number two... An accountant. Grrrr, double Grrrrr.

Now don't get me wrong, here. Our accountant is a sweetheart, an absolute doll. I just love him to pieces.

We gave him the account books in March... He told us that we'd be pressed because of tax season, and would have to wait until he finished all of those, but, he's still not finished the books and now it's June! Grrrrr

Here's Greg on the phone with him now, working on last August... what is the matter with these two?

It used to be simple... One ledger, balance sheet tax return... Who in God's name thought it was a good idea to automate this stuff?? There oughta be a law against Quickbooks.

I've got a great story about peppers, but I'm just too annoyed to post it right now... Grrrr


FTS said...

I have an awesome CPA, but she's here.

I'd rather talk about peppers than taxes any day...

Raven Magic said...

Cut off their supply of wholesale pepper sauces and you'll see those guys get their stuff together and have those books in tip top shape in no time, Tina. ;-)

HART (1-800-HART) said...

well, um... as an accountant .. *cough* (and being in the same situation with a few of my own clients) .. you should know, that you really have until the Filing Due Date of June 30th if your year end is December 31st. So, there really is ~lots~ of time.

Of course, that is if you are a Corporation in Canada. If you are self-employed, the due deadline is Wednesday June 15th. In this case, time is slipping by quite fast.

Take care.

he man of arabia said...

......depends on the business. I see alot of people selling ice-cream, food, their own labour, and I don't see them with any puter, nor any ledger, nor any paper to speak of. In fact, I don't think they even file a tax return! But alot of em still have their GST Business number, and get a rebate on that. Go figure. LOL!

Of course, give me the authority to audit anyone/anywhere in Canada, and I would pull in about 1 billion a month from cheaters. But you people would never let me, or give me that authority as Canadians, lest you were audited, and you you would have to pay the piper. Bunch $%#!ing losers!