Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blogging isn't anywhere near as easy as I thought it would be...

It's been a while since this little journey started and whereas I'm really proud of what I've managed to publish, I realize that I haven't posted anywhere near what I thought I might or even what I hoped I would. I realize that I've got two major posts in draft one about the mysterious Naga Jolokia and another which, although complete has not hit the airwaves. This, since October.

Can you tell I've been busy??

I've spent the last two months purveying peppers all over North America. I've put samples of extremely hot hot sauces onto the tongues of several thousand North Americans and more than just a few other international travellers.

France is going to love Peppermaster!

I've made a lot of friends and probably a couple of enemies. And you know what... I really like being a sadist. It's fun.

We're stepping onto a plane tomorrow night to begin what will be an 18 hour voyage to South Palmetto Point, Bahamas, West Indies. You can find it on GoogleEarth. I'll have to get back to you on the coordinates.

Our little voyage has several goals. The most important of which, has to do with eating a lot of Bahamian Goatpeppers. Those nasty little capiscum chinsenses that just happen to be the best little peppers in the world... The environmental stressing, we think, gives it the ability to score as one of the hottest peppers in the world, right up there with the Red Savina and chocolate habaneros: which suffice it to say are all as habaneros, essentially different breeds of the same pepper.

Our next goal is to hand over some money to a pepper farmer to pay for seeds. The result of selling lots of jars of Hurricane Mash.

Our third goal is to scout out some territory, a little pied-a-terre, where I can build my little dream cottage. Ok, ok, it will be a dream shack, but who needs a cottage when you're 200 yards from the high tide line and in the direct path of no less than 3 Cat 5 hurricanes every decade?

Our final goal and well, my own personal goal, is to simply dig my toes in hot pink sand and spend some time swimming in an aquamarine paradisical coral jungle. Ya know, like Nemo in the Disney movie... That coral jungle.

I promise not to think of you while I'm sucking back the Barbancour and cokes on the beach, so long as you promise not to harbour ill will towards me while I'm gone. See you on the shorter side of winter.

Me out.


Raven Magic said...

Have a great time scouting out that tropical property, buying those hot pepper seeds and thinking about anything but winter in Canada.


Mr. Confidence said...

Well after our lengthy conversation I figured I knew you well enough. I guess I was wrong. Now I know what it is that makes you so unique. And thats your love of life. You and I have a lot in common but are so different from each other. Although we do share a common ground and thats the success of your business. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Mr. Confidence