Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wait a minute... That's not a doggie in the window, that's a doggie on the computer screen!!

And where better than a computer screen to find the best canine blogger in North America??

Bark N Blog is a blog about natural pet care and it's written by Shadrach, a Neo Mastiff who does all the blogging. Yeah, ok, if you don't buy that, then you should know that for Kim Bloomer and Jeannie Thomason, who as a team own the blog, Shadrach's blog can help you learn all about caring for your pet, naturally.

Their motto: "The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action" - author: Herbert Spencer
Every Wednesday at 2:30 PM EST as these ladies record at Holistic Pet Audio You can download the show or listen to it online every Tuesday at 10 AM EST at Animal Talk Naturally.

Animal Talk Naturally is streamed on BX Radio Network and on All Pets Radio.

Tomorrow's show includes a Q&A with holistic vet, Dr. Stephen Blake. I've been told by Kim Bloomer that he is funny and kind.

Here's the skinny on the show.

Animal Talk Naturally will have Stephen Blake, DVM as the special guest this week. On Wednesday February 8th at 2:30pm EST. You can be a part of the live audience and participation.

Stephen Blake, DVM aka The Pet Whisperer will be talking about natural care for pets. Some of the topics to be covered are raw diets, genetics and health, vaccinations, the use of essential oils, colostrum and gemmology. Ask the Doctor questions and participate in the interactive show.

You can find the show at Holistic Pet Audio.

To enter the online recording room:

1)Download the plugin to your desktop,

2) Double click on the icon you saved to your desktop
The install wizard will install it

3) Go back to Holistic Pet Audio, and log in!

Kim tells me that space is VERY limited - they only have room for 17 people, so be on time and download the plugin ahead of time.

If you'd rather simply listen to the airwaves, the show is streamed on BX Radio Network and on All Pets Radio

Kim Bloomer is a Natural Pet Care Educator and a friend of mine. Her company, Aspenbloom Pet Care is all about seeing your pets good health bloom!

Check it out. The dog is pretty danged interesting.

Me out.

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