Thursday, May 05, 2005


This is the first post of my blog. How about that?

What the heck is a blog you ask??? Well, I did a lot of asking that myself, before finally becoming convinced to write one. Especially when I found out that I could add to one by simply emailing myself.

I'm not really quite sure what a blog is yet, myself. I've been watching these things pop up all over the place, post by post and they seem to be pretty popular little things. I've seen some really well written ones. And I've seen some really crappy ones. But mostly what I've seen is fun.

My best friend has one; she uses it to tell the deepest darkest horror stories that are her reality to her entourage. Lots of my customers have them; some of them are professional, some are personal, but they're often about chili peppers and hot sauce. Truth be told, I've even found a couple of new customers because of their blogs.

I mean think about it; here are these weird little internet journals. People publishing daily or weekly journals of their thoughts; their lives, their loves. I've found gripe sessions, information postings, sometimes even boring little monologues about people's lives. But they've got a really cool purpose from what I can see. Although, some of them seem like airing one's dirty laundry to me.

So why blog?? Well, I'm starting to think why not?

Well, I've got lots of reasons why not.

Because, blogging is for people who have nothing better to do. Blogging is for people who have nothing to say to anybody who would listen anyway. Blogging is for people who think that by posting it to the internet, they'll gain the feeling that someone is listening. It's about spilling one's guts and dropping one's pants in a public arena.

And isn't that the sort of thing that makes life fun?

So here goes. When I post this. This will be my first web log, I will own a blog, at, called Confessions of a Chilihead.

So, Enjoy or don't. This is about me, not you.

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