Monday, May 09, 2005

Can I do this without a website???


When the game started, I needed a simple little website, a shopping cart, our story, a place to post recipes, product reviews and maybe even a little blog, where our spice club members could post and chat about all things hot pepper.

Then it turned into an html website, a php shopping cart, a forum owned by someone else and a deep pile of things I want on the website, but can't put up there myself because I can't write php. Then the web designer disappeared. I don't know why he decided to stop talking to me, last thing he said to me was I'll call you in 20 minutes. Heck, he'd been so sick for such a long time, I thought he'd died. Well, I'm glad he didn't but either way, I'm now about 6 months behind on my web site. Grrrr. Well, it's over three weeks, longest damned 20 minutes in the history of the world, and he still hasn't called. I called him, left messages, sent emails... nada.

When he finally showed up on MSN, my son told him that we thought he was dead, he simply laughed. I still haven't heard from him.

Sounds like a personal problem, as Dad or my hubby would say. And... so it is.

Ah well, back to where I originally wanted to be with the website design, and I have the right person working on pulling the whole thing together for me. Hopefully now, a year later, it'll all come together and my site will look and work the way we want.

And if it doesn't... I'm going back to good old mail order.

Wish me luck.

Me out.

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violated said...

LMAO the web IS the new mailorder chickie. ;)