Tuesday, May 24, 2005

He Makes My Nose Run...

I have to wonder if the Peppermaster's cajun is hotter in the bottle or if it really does get hotter when I throw it into a soup.

Greg just brought me leftover homemade chicken soup for lunch, he tossed in the leftover shrimp and asparagus from the salad we had for supper last night and then added the cajun sauce. Well my tummy is stuffed, my mouth is all atingle and my nose is running. Gotta love this feeling.

We spent the weekend doing outdoor shows... I really wish the weather would cooperate a little more on the weekends.. It rained almost every day; and it was a loooooong weekend, Dagnabbit! It was cold, too. So I had to wear my winter splash pants. Brrrr

We had fun though... There is nothing more fun than hurting people with hot sauce. Man, you'll probably read me say it 1000 more times before I'm done... but hoooey! It's fun. This young kid came up to the booth dressed in a Gingerbread Boy costume... (We were at the May Show in Van Kleek Hill, Gingerbread Capital of Ontario) I gave him a taste of the Chili-Chocolate and he swallowed, then he started screaming. It was bleeping hilarious, I thought my sides were going to come unglued, I was laughing so hard. Poor kid. I told him it was hot; he complained "But it's chocolate!" Geez, people, I'm selling hot sauces, what do you expect???

We went to the Three Owls Gallery to see the displays and I met a baby dragon named Basil... He was absolutely the cutest thing. Sitting on his perch, next to the entryway chained by his left claw, he seemed quite content. Crafted from polymer by one Donald Liardi, Basil would make a lovely mascot for Peppermaster... Unfortunately, with a starting price tag of at least $15,000, Basil had to be left at the gallery.

Michael Cartwright, our Art Director and resident right hand man, was showing his work as well, and that was what brought us into the gallery. Well, lo and behold, I was floored when in through the door walked one Alan Gerber! We had the honour of meeting Alan at a Breakfast TV appearance I had arranged for the Peppermaster the day before the NSDCC show opened in Halifax last November. If you haven't heard Alan's Music, do please, go to his website and listen to his music. Bad but not so Bad is a brilliant piece, and one of my favourites. If he's playing anywhere near you, I recommend you check him out. Alan has played with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and the Great BB King among many others. He's a show worth catching!

I got up late this morning, after sleeping in from a long weekend of work, to discover the results of two interviews that I had recently given sitting in my email box. One is available for viewing on the web, courtesy of my friends and fellow chiliheads, Joe and Linda: That interview can be seen in Joe and Lin's blog's spotlight on our sauces.

The other one is part of a book being written by author Stephanie Chandler. She's using a profile of me to highlight one of the chapters in her new book, The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide, soon to be released by Aventine Press.

All in all, though, it's been a pretty good day. And it's only 2:20.

Me out.

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FTS said...

"Poor kid. I told him it was hot; he complained "But it's chocolate!" Geez, people, I'm selling hot sauces, what do you expect???"

Omigosh that was funny!

I still want to order some of the chocolate and the raspberry, just out of curiousity.

Hmm... is there a minimum order required if I wanted to stock your sauces in my salon?