Friday, May 20, 2005

In Response to Confusion

Today's blog is in response to the great comments to Boot, Belinda Boot! And Violated, I apologize for the headache. Shall I send some Tylenol?? You'll need it when you see today's Blog ;)

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And for Mark...


What confuses you, Mark? That I’m a separatist, that I support Belinda’s crossing the floor or that I’m aware that we’re still part of Canada and thus must live with whoever is in power in Canada I’m a separatist, that’s a future tense. In the meantime, Canada is still the Government. I'm a 6th generation Newfie on my Mom's side, born in St. John's. I'm a pure laine 6th generation Quebecoise on my Father's side and I've grown up with family who has suffered at the hands of the Federal Government's promises; my Uncle Lorne is Cree, but that's not necessarily an issue here. That information in evidence, I am still and will always be Canadian, who chokes up when she sings the Canadian National Anthem at sports events. So, deep in my black little separatist heart there still burns a teeny tiny glimmer of hope that Canada will fix what ails it and I can cease to be a separatist, but I don't have much faith that what ails us will be fixed during my lifetime.

That said…

The problem with any National party agreeing with the Bloc under any circumstances is that furthering the Bloc’s agenda makes sense for the Bloc; any member of the Bloc, but it doesn’t make sense for anyone else; most especially a Conservative. See what the Conservatives fail to comprehend is that in supporting the Bloc in this initiative, they are screwing over their own constituents. I cite the two Newfie conservatives who have just no-voted themselves out of a seat come the next election; and if you think I’m kidding; bear in mind that the reason I am a separatist is because I am an relatively intelligent, educated, capable 39 year old entrepreneur who cannot work in my beloved Newfoundland because the Federal Government has lied to, raped and pillaged my home to the point where there is no work, no money and no future. I won’t go into how important the Atlantic Accord is to me, but it was REALLY important to the political future of the Conservatives in Newfoundland. Did you know that there is a Newfie Separatist Party??? Most Canadians don’t. Anyway, it’s a very BAD thing in my mind that the two Conservative MPs essentially voted against the Atlantic Accord which was 55 years in the making… and all I can say is that THAT is the very reason why Pointy-Head has no idea what’s going on in Canada.

You seem to be able to wrap your head around the idea that the Conservatives haven’t allied themselves with the Bloc because once the Liberals are out of power and the Conservatives are in, the alliance ends. What you fail to recognize, is the same thing that the Conservatives fail to recognize, it is this unholy alliance that on forcing the election that will cause them to lose the soft C seats in Ontario. Hell, half the population of Ontario consists of ex-Quebecers who fled the Bloc! I guarantee you that they would much rather live with the Liberals in power, (the devil you know vs the devil you don’t) than see Quebec separate, that was the same twisted reasoning they used to justify their fleeing Quebec and leaving the Province to the Separatists. It may be wrongful thinking, but it’s the reality of the anti-bloc mentality.

So, whether or not they actually had any discussions with the Bloc or offered the Bloc anything in exchange for the Bloc supporting the downfall of the Grits is moot. What is key, and you can verify this fact by checking all of the Federal election results for the last 20 years, is that there are NO Conservatives in Quebec, and, there are no New Democrats in Quebec. There is Bloc or there is Liberal. So, if in an election one wishes to vote against the Liberals, there is one choice and it isn’t the Conservatives; and THAT my friend is what pointy-head Harper refuses to grasp. So, conversation or no, alliance or no, any attempt to bring down the Liberals is automatically an unholy alliance and an automatic Bloc legitimacy. That’s the reality of it; welcome to Quebec.

Furthermore, everyone in Quebec is well aware of WHO called the Gomery and is well aware of the fact that Chretien and Martin were so at loggerheads, we seem to be the only people who can see that Martin’s incompetence was easily created by Jean Chretien… Is it likely that the Minister of Finance had no idea what was going on with the Sponsorship Program; easiest thing in the world! In fact, I can easily hear Chretien’s statement in my mind… “Just mek sure that esp├Ęce de merde Pol Martin hears nutting aboud dis!”… Easy, you have no idea how easy. Add to that Paul Martin’s calling the inquiry… Am I supposed to believe that Paul Martin, who has been reported as the best Finance Minister Canada has ever had, would call an inquiry KNOWING that if something, anything, got out that directly implicated HIM, he’d be ruined, if not brought up on Criminal Charges??? I don’t personally believe that he was as competent a Finance Minister as everyone would like me to believe, but I do find it very difficult to believe that he’s stupid enough to be the manufacturer of his own downfall. This isn’t about replacing the Liberals with ANYONE in Quebec, it’s about replacing the Liberals with the Bloc, and yes, as a Separatist, I’m all for that. BUT, do I think it’s right that we throw good money away on an election to toss out the sitting Government for doing something that I’m not sure they did??? I want to hear what Gomery has to say, and that to me is far more important than supporting the call for an election right now; unholy alliances aside, Bloc supporter or no.

That said. I keep hearing from the rest of Canada how the “Sponsorship Scandal” is the reason that the Bloc is polling as high as it is. Except that, it’s not the scandal that has the Bloc polling so high, it’s the Conservatives blaming US Quebecers for the scandal that has it polling so high! See, pointy-headed Harper throws out these little comments that very smart Gilles Duceppe picks up on and runs with. And one doesn’t spend a week blaming Quebec for the scandal and then simply get to be ignored for making their comments… “Oh, who I really meant to blame is the Liberals, not the Quebecers”… too late, pointy-head. We’re now convinced that Gilles is better for us than the Liberals, and check your previous election results, you haven’t a hope in hell of taking a Federal seat in Quebec, so… So long, it’s been good to know ya. Whatcha want to bet that IF an election were called right now, the Bloc would take a lot of new seats, Liberals would be out and Quebec would be facing another referendum, and who dya think would be blamed… Certainly, the Liberals would be blamed, it’s their Scandal that caused this right? Wrong, the “scandal” had Quebec further from separation than Quebec has been since I moved here in 83. Having worked in inter-provincial relations, you are in a unique position of seeing what I saw, that aside from all the thieving and Liberal pocket lining, the program WAS WORKING, DogDammit! And the fact that it’s been discredited makes me laugh. Especially since the man doing the discrediting of it, was the most vocally anti-separatist politico going. Mark, you may not fear for the future of Canada or worry about it separating, but you should. ESPECIALLY if pointy-heads like Harper move into 44 Sussex. And, fwiw, I agree wholeheartedly, someone has to answer for the scandal; but on one thing we disagree; the people who had a hand in this AND only those people should be the ones to answer. And unless Paul Martin is implicated, I personally think it’s premature to hang him for the crime that I believe he’s been set up to take the fall for. Ergo, Gomery MUST be allowed to continue, the real culprits must be held accountable; but you and I both know that neither the Bloc nor the Conservatives care whether it’s Paul Martin or Jean Chretien who takes the fall, they want the seats. And since Jean Chretien has conveniently taken his leave from the house; short of criminal charges being laid, it won’t be he. Hanging the next guy to hold the office on behalf of Chretien is simply wrong. And that is why holding an election at this time is soooooo wrong. Gomery must be allowed to fulfill his commission.

As for Stronach’s motives; We’re not going to quibble about whether or not the move was because of her personal politics or her ambition, at the very least her timing was immaculate and her rewards… Any thinking Canadian knows that these things were automatically considerations; she’s a politician for chrissakes. And whether or not she pays a price for her choices, remains to be seen… Worse has happened. I truly believe that she agrees with me about two things; that Martin hasn’t yet been implicated and closure on Gomery is required; whether or not it implicates or vindicates Martin and 2 ANY alliance that furthers the Bloc agenda is a vote against Canada, verbal, written or simply implied. And whether or not I care that Canada stays together, Belinda does; and if you don’t think that what she did saved Canada won’t matter, because she’ll go down in history for it. As for the “she did it for personal furtherance of her political career”; if YOU were a politician and YOU were going to jump ship, wouldn’t YOU do it in the most positively rewarding, flashiest way possible??? Yes, she could have gone independent, yes, she could have simply quit altogether, but instead what she did was highlight the fact that Gomery needs to be played out and gained real power for herself in reference to that. I for one really really want to know whether Paul Martin really is a lying thieving piece of dirt or just incompetent… and for years old personal reasons, I’m really hoping for the latter. Of course there is that third option where Chretien set him up, Martin was duped and is totally innocent of the scandal. I’m still hoping for the incompetence, but only Gomery can tell me the truth.

As for the NDP throwing money around, do you really think that little pet project is going to pass? It’s not an auto wash as the Conservatives would like everyone to believe, but it was a required budget in order to get the NDP to pass it. That said, I personally felt that it was a political coup. The whole job of a minority Government is to make deals and arrangements with the opposing parties in order to govern effectively, and history tells us that some of the BEST results for Canada have occurred when a minority Government worked with the opposing parties.

It was a good budget, because it would pass with the full support of the NDP. It was a good budget because it allowed the Government to stand. And it was a good budget because there was no way that Harper OR the Bloc were going to support the original budget… And finally, it was a good budget because when it passed, it would allow the Gomery to continue.

Harper and Duceppe don’t give a shit who is responsible for the scandal they simply want the power that they believe an election will give them. Duceppe WILL gain seats, Harper, I’m not so sure; especially after the way he and his caucus have behaved over Stronach’s crossing the floor.

Still confused?

Me out.


violated said...

can you fed ex that tylenol? :P

Anonymous said...

......well, I think I will take a day off and re-read this last 'header' again one day, just to get the full 'jist' of it ;) Now remember my logic Tina; the bigger the wedding the shorter it lasts, and you may want to apply this to your next post. hehe

Now, back to business. No, it was not a 'good' budget as you suggest. Throwing billions of dollars around like kids in a candy store. And you believe it was a 'good' budget. Get off the Belinda Bandwagon baby! And while your at it, get off the Loser Le Quebecouis Want To Be Napoleon Brandy Bandwagon too.

Me thinks the rest of your rhetoric/retoric/retorhic, however the hell you spell it...hehe ;)...the rest of your soap box speach is ridiculous. Besides, its like trying to digest a cow, and I only ordered one filet and lobster ;)

Me here to stay for awhile for sure ;)

arabia said...

......that last post was mine by the way, and i forgot to put me name, so here is me name again.

Pepperfire said...

Arabia... you're a strange man.

But, at least you can read.

I disagree with you about whether or not it was a good budget, but then, all you got out of it was daycare.


arabia said...

I can read between the lines Tina ;)

Pepperfire said...

lol, it's always been a wonder to me, Arabia, that you can read at all. ;)

Raven Magic said...

That's the problem, Arabia --- reading between the lines.

If you read the actual lines, that's where you find the information. There's only space between the lines ....

... well there and between most politicians ears.

Raven Magic said...

Anonymous aka Arabia wrote: " Besides, its like trying to digest a cow, and I only ordered one filet and lobster."

Uh, Arabia ... lobster doesn't come from a cow.

But you already knew that, didn't you?